The first signs of high stress often become visible in our everyday working life. If we look more closely we discover stressors that rise from different areas of our lives: professional and social environment, personal attitudes and public discourse.

Resilience coaching aims at activating and strengthening the personal resilience constellation to get through stressful and potentially harmful situations in life. Depending on the current situation there are preventive, acute and follow-up steps we take.

It is helpful to understand what is happening, experience our self-efficacy and connectedness with others and – once we made it through – draw conclusions for the future.
I understand health as an ongoing process of mindful use of resources as well as adequate performance and recovery phases.

In addition to coaching sessions for individuals I offer team coaching and awareness-raising workshops.

Coaching and workshops regarding this topic take place as in-person meetings.

  • Understanding stress, crisis and resilience: theoretical input and models
  • A systemic approach to transition processes
  • Self-reflection: understanding and analysing your own experiences
  • Case-work from professional environment
  • Development of resilience-promoting measures for the team and organization.
  • .
  • Self-care

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