My offer includes

  • Psychotherapy – Coaching – Supervision
  • My specialties are conflict management, stress and crisis management, promoting resilience and support through burn-out illnesses
  • Organizational Counselling and Training

You are welcome to contact me for your initial consultation!

Psychotherapy – Coaching – Supervision

Encouraging support through difficult sections of the path. New insights promote personal growth.

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Stress – Crisis – Resilience

Strengthen personal resilience and adaptability and find strategies to cope with crises and stress.

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Organizational Counselling and Training

Systemic consultant, trainer and coach for people, teams and organizations.

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About me

Since 2002 I have been fascinated by systemic thinking!

I value meaningful and effective work. With my psychotherapy training, I can expand and complement my previous consulting and coaching services. Now I can offer therapeutic consultations during periods of suffering, in challenging moments and when problems persist.

Working with families and teams is something that I really enjoy. When several people start to share their perspective and understanding of a certain situation this becomes very inspiring. We discover different aspects and dynamics in the family, school or professional context and use these to find new solutions.

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